CCS successfully tested industrial continuous gasifiers

On October 9th, 2017, the continuous biomass gasification device designed, researched and manufactured by CCS was put into practical testing. The produced gas is fed to the burner, providing heat to the boiler. The gasification device operated according to the expectations of the research team. The initial result shows that the device is able to operating continuously for 4 hours during the test, producing good quality gas, very fast evaporation time, easy to control the equipment capacity according to user demand on the heat of the boiler. 

This is a great success for the gasification technology R&D team in particular and for CCS in general, as this technology not only addresses the problem of energy costs but also is a sustainable solution to environmental and social issues for small and medium enterprises. In the upcoming time, this gasification device will be used more frequently. CCS will continue to sample, test and finalize the design, preparing for the next phase: industrial design and commercial product manufacturing.

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