Capacity Building

The Center for Creativity and Sustainability Study and Consultancy (CCS) organized different professional trainings on sustainable product innovation, sustainable design, sustainable agriculture, and eco-innovation for experts and SMEs participating in its projects, as can be seen in these typical examples below:

In the Eco-Innovation project, CCS collaborated with UNEP to host 01 training and 30+ in-company workshops on eco-innovation methodology for experts and SMEs in the food-processing sector in Vietnam. 

In April 2014, CCS cooperated with Centre for Promotion of Import from Developing Countries, Netherlands (CBI) to provide a training that helped Vietnamese exporters make strategic decisions about product development based on EU consumers’ needs and sustainability aspects.

In SPIN, GetGreenVN and Eco-Innovation projects, CCS have been collaborating closely with the Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam (AITCV) in providing a wide range of professional trainings, including 03 Trainings of Trainers (ToT) in Hanoi, Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City, for hundreds of experts and 250+ SMEs in five industrial sectors of Vietnam: food-processing, furniture, handicraft, footwear, garment and textile.

In LMI project, CCS is the lead partner who is in charge of carrying out needs analysis and assessment, coordinating all project activities, transferring of technology and gasifiers to Quy Ky and Tan Duong commune, training local beneficiaries on gasifier usage, supporting Population, Environment and Development Center (PED) and local government to establish a local product-service system, reporting of the project progress and results on mass media, disseminating the project results in Laos and Cambodia, and developing an action plan for further follow-up, replication and up-scaling of the project.

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