Consulting services

CCS has extensive experience and since 2013 been providing consulting services in the following sectors:

  1. Clean and renewable energy: focus on development of and consultancy on biomass gasification and solar heating technologies for both household and industrial applications;
  2. Zero-waste agriculture: provide consultancy on designing zero-waste agricultural farm models and implementation of organic zero-waste closed-loop cultivation practices;
  3. Sustainable product innovation: follow-up SPIN activities of providing consultancy on product innovation towards a more sustainable economy for SMEs in Vietnam in different industrial sectors, including food-processing (sea food, confectionary and bakery, beverages, spicies,  fruits, tea, etc.); handicraft (rattan, bamboo, ceramics, hand-made paper, sea grass, traditional textile, etc.); garment and textile (natural dying, upcycling, and fashion design); furniture (indoor and outdoor, household and workplace, etc.);
  4. Waste treament: apply eco-technologies in reclycing and treating food - agricultural - solid waste.
  5. Circular economy application: provide consultancy on the application of different circular economy business models, including Circular Supplies, Resource Recovery, Product Life Extension, Sharing Platforms, and Product as a Service.

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