Bamboo & rattan treatment

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The threats for bamboo material include: termites, wood borer, mould and hollow. In order to treat bamboo material, people usually soak it under water, however, this approach often leads to water pollution, waste of time (from 6 months to 1 year), and the product after soaking often has undesired smells. 

Meanwhile, bamboo treating technology developed by CCS is a system comprising of boilers and carbonizers for processing materials with new treatment methods. Bamboo is boiled to remove lignin and kill termite eggs and wood borer in its body. Then it continued to be carbonized to burn all sugar, which may attract termites. This method helps companies save a lot of time (2 hrs/batch), and be active in processing raw materials for production, which is very suitable for large-scale industrial production. Boiling technology is also very suitable for processing rattan, but boiling solutions could be different depending on each type of material.


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