R&D Activities

CCS puts its focus on R&D of clean technologies in both industry and agriculture sector. CCS cooperates with Elegance to implement R&D activities for products such as solar-trapping house and biomass gasification. Together with i-nature, CCS continues to R&D zero-waste farming model, which is a combination of many organic agriculture technologies. CCS also provides support for Green Street Trade& Service for the natural pre-processing of bamboo and rattan, and other technology products to meet users’ demand and market requirements.

For the industrial technology, CCS is focusing on providing technology support services of biomass gasification throughout the country and in the region. These services include transfer of gasification technology, consultancy on how to establish a product-service system that facilitates and supports the operation of gasifiers in one location, and sharing of knowledge on how to make full use of biochar - the by-product of the gasification process.

One of the latest gasifier models of CCS

In the field of agriculture, the Zero-waste organic model is being completed with the purpose to create organic and environment-friendly agricultural products with low production costs by applying a closed-loop polyculture model and a package of more than 20 clean technologies. 

Zero-waste organic agricultural model

In addition, CCS also R&D the technology for bamboo and rattan treatment that was applied in the ‘Apply bamboo waste treatment system to processing high quality bamboo products’ project with Viet Linh bamboo flooring company (Thanh Hoa province.)

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