MOIT 2014 project

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Project title: MOIT 2014

Time: December 2014 to June 2015

Budget: 300.000.000 VND

Partners: Elegance Company Ltd. for Research & Development, Manufacturing  and Services (Elegance); Da Nang Agricultural Extension Center

Objectives: Research, design, manufacture and test pilot use of high efficiency biomass gasifier using pellet fuel from straw, rice husk and sawdust.

Main activities:

  1. Survey some typical areas in Vietnam that are still using solid fuels for cooking
  2. Research and evaluate the current Stove samples on the market along with users’ needs and context.
  3. Design and manufacture some test models of high efficiency gasification stove.
  4. Experimental application in some typical areas of Vietnam.


  • Results of the research contributes to the evaluation of the situation of solid-fuel cooking and gasification stoves types on the market today.
  • The heat efficiency was 67% high, which reached tier 4 standard (the highest standard of stove assessment by the Global Alliance for Clean Stove.)
  • Appraisal was conducted on trial application in three regions of Vietnam: the Northwest, the Red River and the Central.

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