VIPAGRO project

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Project title: Replacing coal-fired boiler with biomass gasification boiler 

Time: 15/9/2015 – 14/11/2016

Budget: 615,500,000 VND

Partners: Investor: Danish government; Manufacturing: Elegance Joint Stock Company; Carrying out at Vinh Phuc Packaging & Agri-Food Joint Stock Company (VIPAGRO); Assessment: Danish Government, Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Location: Huong Canh commune, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province.

Main activities: Elegance Company responsible for the design, installation and operation of the biomass gasification boiler in replace of of the old coal fired boiler for Vinh Phuc Packaging & Agri-Food Joint Stock Company (VIPAGRO). Biomass gasifier is installed right at the old location to replace the existing coal-fired boiler. New biomass boilers uses biomass pellet as fuel. Biomass gasification technology allows the transfer of low value materials (low calorific value, small specific gravity) into high value gas (high temperature, clean, high efficiency). The new boiler system retains its steam output (500kg steam / h) and maximum working pressure (8kG / cm2), to ensure the technology vapor of the company's production processes. In addition, the gasification boiler system provides centralized heat for the heat exchanger with water, and good insulation which limit thermal exposure to workers. The expulsion time is faster than coal, cleaner and safer for workers.


  • Biomass gasification boiler reduces 100% of carbon emissions compared to that of coal fired boiler. The project helps reduce the estimated 287 tons of CO2 per year, the net present value (NPV) of the project after 20 years is more than 1,262,000,000 VND.
  • In terms of economic efficiency, using biomass pellets, which can save about 15% - 30% of the cost of using coal, the cost of agricultural by-product is up to 90%.
  • In terms of environment friendly, since biomass fuels are in the short-cycle of carbon emissions, emissions (including CO2 and water) are not included in greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, biomass gasification boiler reduces carbon emissions by 100% compared to coal fired boilers.
  • In terms of society, this repacement improves the working environment for workers and provides cleaner environment for the households around the factory.

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