Sustainable packaging

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Packaging, in production, accounts for only 5-15% of the production cost. However, it could help reduce product damage by more than 50% if done properly. In addition, proper use of packaging material will not only help enterprises save shipping costs, but also increase the efficiency of the recycling or discharging stages. In many of its projects, especially SPIN project, CCS has been supporting a lot of food processing enterprises and others to improve their packaging to achieve the highest effectiveness as well as maximum environmental friendliness: redesigning the packaging to make it more sustainable and reusable, changing into suitable materials which are biodegradable and cause no impacts on other components of life.

Most Vietnamese enterprises do not pay proper attention to packaging. In the current situation, they just consider it as a part of the product but not a means to help them compete on the market. Therefore, these packaging designs seems to be very passive, nonstrategic and specifically-unorientated. In more than 80% of Vietnamese food processing companies, products are systematically researched and developed. However, the packaging is not designed themselves but ordered from other companies, because there is no appropriate branding and marketing strategy for the packaging, enterprises have to spend a lot of money on advertising their products. CCS has been supporting these companies by developing branding and marketing strategies on the packaging; and certain positive results have been achieved.


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