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Harvest the power of the sun

Solar Dryer Parabola Dome is the result of 30 years of research by Dr. Serm Janjai of Silpakorn University. The dryer works with the principles of greenhouse drying for agricultural products such as bananas, tomatoes, chili, coffee, cocoa, spices and herbs, etc. 

Their parabolic shape allows the best use of solar radiation, and rain water runs off easily. The polycarbonate sheets used to cover the dome creating the greenhouse effects are made of high-value, high-quality Covestro polycarbonate, and are coated with a UV protection layer. Being shielded from UV, agricultural produce keeps its vibrant colors and valuable nutrient values. This results in higher valued final products. 

The dryer is easy to transport, and is installed locally. It reduces significantly the risk of spoilage and hygiene concerns caused by dust, water contamination, and livestock animals. 

This solution in post-harvesting processing can help tackle the post-harvest loss and enhance the resilience against climate change among farming communities in Southeast Asia. 

For example, according to the Climate Change Scenarios for Vietnam 2016 – Report by Vietnam Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the rainfall indicator differs strongly between the climate change scenario in 2012 and in 2015. Rainfall, as forecast in 2012, would actually decrease by 2-12% but is now predicted to increase by 5-15% (from the period of 2016-2035). High rainfall increases in rainy season while in dry season, rainfall tends to decrease. Hence, drought and floods would become more complicated. Consequently, conventional drying in open air will face more challenges. Unpredictable weather encourages moving post-harvesting activities to closed space.

A sustainable inclusive business model to scale this drying solution has been established in Myanmar and Indonesia; however, still under development in Vietnam.


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