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Consultant of CLP Vietnam (Sustainability & Climate Change)

Consultant of CLP Vietnam (Sustainability & Climate Change)


Short Term Consultant


Position: Consultant of CLP Vietnam (Sustainability & Climate change)          


ClimateLaunchpad (CLP) is the Global Green Business Ideas Competition which is run and administered by EIT Climate-KIC Holding B.V., an association duly incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands. EIT Climate-KIC Partner - The ‘Delft University of Technology’ - co-finances the majority of the ClimateLaunchpad Program’s costs and is the formal owner of the project. 

CLP’s mission is to unlock the world’s cleantech potential that addresses climate change. The competition creates a stage for those ideas.

With this competition, CLP determines to address the negative impacts of climate change by way of innovation and invention. Your idea can be an innovation in renewable energy, a sustainable transition in the food chain, a mind shift in urban mobility or any other way to tackle climate change. As long as it’s in the cleantech domain: “a scientific innovation that uses existing technology to do more with fewer resources, and has a commercial driver.

Started in the Netherlands in 2014, CLP has so far reached 55+ countries, with encouraging success. CLP Vietnam was first time organized in Vietnam in 2019. There were 16 applicants who had successfully passed the pre-selection round and participated in the Boot Camp held in Hanoi. The creative ideas proposed cover many special aspects but very practical, which initially attracted attention by some domestic and foreign investment. After being trained in the Boot Camp, applicants continued to the National Final Round, from which the Top-3 teams were selected to participate in the Global Grand Final that took place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in November 2019. Then, CLP 2020 and 2021 continued fortunately to be organized successfully in Vietnam. In 2021, CLP Vietnam had one team going to Top 16 of Global Grand Final.

Center for Creativity and Sustainability Study and Consultancy (CCS) is the national lead of the CLP in Vietnam annually. CCS is a research and consulting NGO, specializing in localizing the practical technologies and solutions for SMEs and communities in the field of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture and product innovation.

HannsSeidel Foundation (HSF), a political foundation based in Munich, Germany, and registered as an INGO in Vietnam working towards contributing to sustainable, social, economic and institutional development, is the supporter of CCS to organize ClimateLaunchpad Vietnam.

The primary task of CCS and HSF regarding CLP22 is to successfully organize the competition (March – November 2022) in Vietnam.

The recruitment process for green ideas will take place from March to May. The founders of the green business ideas will be joining in the 2022three-day Boot Camp, which will be held in early June. After Boot Camp, it is expected that the teams will be trained in more detailed on the CLP workbook modules and other necessary aspects, so that they can perform to their best in the National Final competition and the next rounds (Regional and Global Final).

Due to COVID-19, the National Final is organized either online or offline. Whichever mode of organization, the National Final must be well organized so that it will be a memorable event for all the CLP stakeholders. More importantly, the green ideas can be made known to potential funding entity and potential investors. The National Final is a good chance to prepare for implementation of longer-term objectives of CLP Vietnam, which is to become one of the national hubs for impact-driven start-ups. Therefore, it is important to have careful preparation for the event. Top 3 winners from the National Final will enter the Regional Final.

Objective of the Assignment

The objective of the assignment of a consultant is to consult and coaching for the participants of CLP22, contact other consultants, join in events to prepare and organize the events that support all participants who have the best performance in CLP22, and collect much knowledge of the Sustainability and Climate Change.

Scope of Work

Working independently and in collaboration with the Vietnam CLP team and other CLP2consultants, the consultant will provide leadership when coaching and substantive expertise in the following activities:

Selection period:

  • Review application documents, interview and select minimun number of 10 teams to participate in Boot Camp;
  • Work with other mentors, national coordinator and CCS director to have the best selection of candidates.

Boot Camp period:

  • Coordinate with the Vietnam CLP team to organize the Boot Camp, which is hosted by a trainer from Amsterdam and training for Vietnam green business teams about presentation, pitching skills…
  • Join in Boot Camp to support Vietnam candidates and communcate with the trainer of Boot Camp.

Follow-up Coaching period:

  • Provide coaching to CLP Vietnam participants after Boot Camp in more detailed of Sustainability and Climate Changefollowing the CLP workbook modules and other necessary knowledge and skills, so that they can complete the slide of Climate Impact and refine their pitching and presentation and perform to their best in the National Final competition and the next rounds (Regional and/or Global Final).
  • Support participants for calculation of CO2 emission in their products.

National Final period:

  • Coordinate with the Vietnam CLP team to organize the National Final;
  • Meeting with other consultants, judges, officers… to discusss and prepare for National Final;
  • Network with judges, guests, investors, alumni and CLP 2022 participating teams at National Final event;
  • Join in National Final and support participants.

Regional Final and/or Global Final Period:

  • Joining meetings to prepare Regional Final with the host of organizing the event;
  • Coaching for participants and supporting for them to prepare their best performance in Regional and/or Global Final.

Customized Coaching Period:

  • After National Final, consultant will continue to follow up with other consultants for coaching 10 teams at National Final to support and give advisement deeply and in fact for their company’s strategies and/ or product’s strategies and methods to spread products, solutions.
  • Consulting for the best teams about Sustainability and Climate Change which customized following the problems of each start-up.

Deliverables / Specific Outputs Expected from consultant and the schedule

The consultant will be responsible for the following deliverables:

During the selection and Boot Camp period:

  • Sharing widely the call for applications to CLP22
  • Select the minimum 10 participants to join in Boot Camp
  • Delivering guidance and/or talks to the applicants who participate in the Boot Camp

During the Follow-up coaching period:

  • The teams are directly coached about Sustainability and Climate Changeand prepared for challenging questions by judges so that they can refine their pitch deck and video presentation (if applicable) and be ready for questions.

During the National – Regional and/ or Global Final period:

  • Relevant meetings are led and decisions are made in relation to the organization of the National Final, Vietnam nomination of jury members and speakers for National Final, Regional Final
  • The teams are mentored the last days prior to the National Final as assigned
  • Participation in the National Final, facilitation of discussion sessions and network with jury members, guests, investors, alumni and CLP22 participating teams

During Customizing Coaching Period:

  • Overall leadership of coaching activities during the period is available.
  • The 10 best participants of National Final are directly coached for their company in Sustainability and Climate Change.

Education Requirement

At least Master's degree, or equivalent, in a relevant area such as business, economics, finance, sustainable development from a reputed national or international academic institution.

Relevant Experience/ Selection Criteria

  • At least 15 years of relevant experience
  • Have experience in starting a company as founder, in being entrepreneurial. It doesn't have to be a multi-million-euro company, but familiarity with the struggles of running a company as one of the founders is crucial
  • Having established a wide network with entrepreneurs and start-up is essential
  • Excellent oral and written communication and presentational skills in English and Vietnamese
  • Ability to work under tight schedules and deliver timely and high-quality outputs.


The position is mainly Hanoi-based with some short travel if required. If the position is not in Hanoi, need to ensure to work online and meet via Zoom anytime.


The consultant will report to the CCS director.


This assignment is a minimum of 15 days of work from May 9th, 2022 to November 30th, 2022. The exact number of working days will discuss at the interview.

Applications can be sent through email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post to address: No. 49, Lane 2, Hoang Sam street, Nghia Do ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi city.

Deadline for submission

Deadline for submission is on May 4th, 2022.

For any clarification, please contact: Ms. Pham Nhat Ha, tel: 0974 163 143

Search more information about us here:

Website ClimateLaunchpad: https://climatelaunchpad.org/

Website CCS: https://ccspin.org/index.php/en/

Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Climatelaunchpad.vn


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